Fortnite Players Are Getting Extra Loot for Playing With Friends

Epic Games revived Fortnite's "Reboot a Friend" promotion with new rewards offered to players if they can get a few of their friends to play some matches with them. The requirements don't call for respawning a player in a match as the name might suggest and instead require players to invite and play with people who haven't played Fortnite for a set amount of time. Pickaxes, sprays, and other cosmetics are among the things that players can earn by participating.

To participate, you have to find players in your friends lists who haven't played Fortnite in the past 30 days. Invite them to a match and you'll earn 100 points for every player who meets the 30-day requirements. Every match you play with those players afterwards will net you 10 points.

Collecting 100 points gets you the Reboot a Friend Spray, 200 gets you the Hearbeat Wrap, 300 gets you the Toxic Flash Glider, and 400 will get you the Plasma Carrot Pickaxe which comes in two different varieties. This means that if you play with three "lapsed players" as Epic Games calls them for one match and then play four more matches afterwards with the same squad, you'll earn all of the rewards in no time.

If your friends lists are full of active Fortnite fiends and you don't have anyone who's eligible for the promotion, you can still get the rewards – it'll just take many more matches. You can invite friends like you normally would and will earn 10 points per player, per match by having people in your squad. The only catch with that is that if you've got anyone in your lists who qualifies as a lapsed player, you have to play with them to get points. If there's anyone you want to cut from your list to make sure you can invite your normal squadmates and get the rewards, be sure you edit your friends lists before you log into this campaign site or else your lists will be locked in place.


The Reboot a Friend promotion is live now and will run until April 26th. Epic Games said that the items being given away aren't exclusive to this promotion and may be sold at a later date, so if you miss out on them now, there's still a chance you'll get them in the future.