Fortnite Festival Finally Adds Rock Band Controller Support

Guitars from Rock Band 4 will now function with Fortnite Festival.

At long last, Epic Games has added support for guitar controllers from Rock Band 4 to now be compatible with Fortnite Festival. Upon the launch of Fortnite's rhythm-based game mode at the end of 2023, Epic said that it would eventually be adding the ability to use guitars from Rock Band with Festival. And while this feature took a bit longer to arrive than some would have liked, Epic has now added the functionality while ushering in Season 3 of Fortnite Festival

In short, support for controllers in Fortnite Festival is available across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms only. As mentioned, the only controllers from Rock Band that can function in Fortnite are those that were released specifically with Rock Band 4. As a result, any older Rock Band instruments from the first three entries will not be compatible with Fortnite Festival, even if you happen to have the appropriate dongles. Additionally, other Rock Band controllers including the drum set and microphone don't work in Fortnite Festival, but there's always the chance that Epic could look into adding this compatibility in the future. 


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Outside of these older Rock Band peripherals, there is one new guitar controller on the market that has been made specifically with Fortnite Festival in mind. Coming from PDP, the new Riffmaster Wireless Guitar has finally started shipping out this week after having gone up for pre-order earlier in 2024. The Riffmaster retails for $129.99 and comes in PlayStation and Xbox variants, although it has been sold out via PDP's official website for quite some time. 

If you're curious about PDP's Riffmaster, we happened to preview the accessory earlier this year and found it to be quite impressive. So much so, in fact, that we called it "one of the nicest items I've ever seen from PDP." As a result, if you think that you'll be playing Fortnite Festival quite a lot in the months and years ahead, the Riffmaster might be very much worth the investment, whenever it happens to come back in stock once again.