'Fortnite' Players Set Guinness World Record With Massive Emote Routine

Nearly 400 Fortnite players game together at Paris Games Week to help Epic Games set a Guinness World Record for Most Participants in a Video Game Emote Routine.

An annual event that started recently and is currently underway, Paris Games Week brought tons of video game fans and developers to France for the 5-day game show. Epic Games brought Fortnite to the event as well with tons of attendees dressing up as the Cuddle Team Leader outfit that's found in-game before following along with the stage presenters in an emote routine. Mimicking different emotes from the game, many of them dances and gestures that were popularized elsewhere before making their way to Fortnite, the video concluded with the presenters showing off a framed certificate commemorating their successful Guinness World Record attempt.

The tweet below that was shared by the official Fortnite Twitter account said that there was a total of 383 people dressed as Cuddle Team Leaders, all of which contributed to the record that Fortnite and Epic Games now hold.

Setting a Guinness World Record wasn't the only thing that Paris Games Week attendees got to brag about with some people also getting an exclusive spray. A similar deal was offered during PAX West where attendees got cards with codes on them that unlocked a spray, and Paris Games Week attendees seem to be getting the same thing with people posting evidence of their "KAB-LLAMA!" sprays. The PAX West sprays sold for some extraordinary prices after the event was over, so these new sprays will likely end up auctioned off for similar prices.


Though those at Paris Games Week will be the only ones getting the honor of being included in the world record, Epic Games still has something in store for all players through a new in-game feature. Through the game's daily message features, it was revealed that balloons are coming to the game, a new item that'll increase players' altitude when used. Specifics of how they work weren't revealed yet, but they're expected to be added in one of Fortnite's next updates.