'Fortnite' Adding "Heavy AR" Soon

(Photo: FortniteBR)

Fortnite is adding yet another weapon to the game, this time a classic everyone will need no introduction to.

If you've played any modern or late 20th century-set shooter, you will be very familiar with the AK-47. Cheap and effective, the AK-47 is one of the most iconic weapons in the world, and is used by basically every bad dude in every movie and game ever.

That said, Epic Games is finally even embracing the assault rifle, and is adding it to Fortnite.

The news comes way of the game's in-game MOTD, and only a few days after the developer added Balloons to the battle-royale title.

"Coming soon," it appears the "Heavy AR," will feature higher damage than other assault rifles in the game, with the trade-off of more recoil, which the AK-47 is famous for having.

The MOTM update provides the following snippet about the new gun:

"Powerful Assault Rifle that is most useful when fired in short bursts."

The part about being most effective when fired in short bursts suggests that if you're going to be efficient with the weapon, unlike the assault rifle, you'll need to be more tactical in shooting than just holding down the fire button.

At the moment, it's unclear what type of rarity the weapon will be, but going off the roll-out of similar weapons, it should be Epic (purple) and Legendary (yellow/orange) rarity, meaning it won't be very easily found.

Whatever the case, fans seem pretty mixed on the addition:


Meanwhile, other players have suggested that is finally the replacement for the LMG, which was vaulted earlier this year. Players rarely used the LMG, so it will be interesting to see if the heavy AR manages to break into the meta and earn itself a permanent spot.

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