Fortnite Adds Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean

Fortnite's first Pirates of the Caribbean skin is finally here.

Fortnite's new update meant to usher in the foundation for the Reboot game mode as well as the Metallica concert on Saturday also finally delivered on the Pirates of the Caribbean rumors by adding Captain Jack Sparrow to the game. The main character from Disney's Pirates series who's played by Johnny Depp in the movies has long been the subject of speculation and leaks from insiders who indicated via datamining efforts that Pirates of the Caribbean characters like Jack Sparrow would be coming to the game soon. A loading screen and other assets datamined indicated that there are indeed more on the way, but there's a catch right now with Jack Sparrow.

The catch is that some people have the Jack Sparrow skin in Fortnite, but others don't, and there's seemingly no way to get it right now if you didn't claim it quickly. That's because the Jack Sparrow skin was part of the Cursed Sails Pass, a mini battle pass added to the Item Shop as part of this latest Fortnite update. Buying the pass would automatically grant players access to the main Jack Sparrow skin with more Pirates of the Caribbean rewards seen further along in the pass for players to acquire later. For LEGO Fortnite players, that also meant getting a LEGO version of the Pirates of the Caribbean protagonist as well.


iFireMonkey's tweet showing off the Pirates of the Caribbean skins. 


That meant that some players were able to buy the pass quickly after it went live, but it's gone now. Fortnite-focused accounts such as iFireMonkey shared screenshots of the contents of the pass while saying that Epic Games has now hidden the Cursed Sails Pass tab within the Item Shop so that it's not visible any longer nor is it buyable. Other loot included in the Cursed Sails Pass consists of emotes, at least one pickaxe, an icon, and more. The loading screen that's been circulating online suggests that Davy Jones and more may also be added in the future.

For those who already managed to get the Cursed Sails Pass early and already got Captain Jack Sparrow added to your collection, it seems you're free to continue using it since nobody is saying yet that the skin's been removed from their lockers or anything. The pass was presumably supposed to come out in July but ended up launching too early, so if you didn't get it already, you'll have to wait a few weeks for it to return.