Fortnite Leak Reveals John Wick Skin

More Fortnite leaks have surfaced that indicate Epic Games is going to add a John Wick skin as part of its next big crossover event. There were already indications that a Limited Time Mode would happen soon, but it now seems it’ll be even bigger than that. Two different variants of a John Wick skin were unearthed after the game’s latest update was released, and with the movie coming out soon, it likely won’t be long before the event itself is fully unveiled.

This new Fortnite skin isn’t the one that many players are probably thinking of. There’s a skin in the game called The Reaper which was released several seasons ago and very much resembled John Wick, but like emotes and other cosmetics in the game that draw inspiration from things people would recognize, it wasn’t named directly after the character. The new skin is though, and its two different variants have leaked online.

Twitter user lucas7yoshi_ who’s best known for their Fortnite leaks shared the images below of the John Wick skin that’s on its way. There’s the normal version that shows the character more composed and a second which is currently being referred to as the “Damage Variant.” Back Bling from the franchise is also coming in the form of a gold token that’ll be worn on players’ backs.

Along with these leaked skins, some more details on the event that’ll accompany the cosmetic were also revealed. It’s expected that the John Wick event will consist of a Limited Time Mode called Wick’s Bounty, though how that mode will play out is still unclear. Audio lines from the event were shared on the leaker’s page, and we also have now seen a few more images which are said to be related.


This latest leak follows one from the same user that first showed a list of the challenges which are exclusive to the LTM.

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