Fortnite Leaks Reveal Tons of Dragon Ball Crossover Details

More details pertaining to the rumored Fortnite crossover with the Dragon Ball franchise have leaked this week to reveal what's amounting to an unprecedented amount of info compared to what we usually see before events. According to these rumors, the crossover will consist of not just Dragon Ball skins but also a glider, a special map location, an in-game item, and plenty of quests for players to complete over time. Despite all this, Epic Games still has not yet confirmed the existence of this crossover, so we're left to rumors and speculations for the time being.

Twitter user MidaRado has been busily tweeting out different tidbits pertaining to the rumored Dragon Ball crossover while citing a source that's apparently feeding them info about skins, in-game abilities (or Mythic items, perhaps), and more. For those who may not be following the leaker but probably will be if these details come to fruition, fellow Fortnite news-sharer ShiinaBR compiled a list of what's rumored to be in the event. Those plans supposedly include four skins for Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, and an unknown character as well as many more additions described below.

MidaRado continued to offer more information about the rumored event. There's supposedly going to be a Kamehameha added to Fortnite somehow which, as Dragon Ball fans will know, is Goku's signature move. An emote has also been discussed that'll allow people to turn themselves into a Super Saiyan, though it's unclear at this time if that power is reserved only for the associated Dragon Ball skins and how it'll work with other non-Dragon Ball cosmetics.

Whatever the specifics are of this event, it looks like it'll be going on for a while regardless of what's planned given that MidaRado also said this event will consist of seven weeks of Dragon Ball challenges. Those will presumably award players with different less-than-premium rewards with one grand prize at the end of the seven-week period, but again, Epic Games hasn't officially said anything about this event just yet.

Perhaps we'll hear more about it soon as we get closer to August since it's rumored to start then, but until that happens, these rumors and guesses will have to suffice.