'Fortnite' Is Adding Mounted Turrets Soon

Fortnite is adding Mounted Turrets soon to provide another way for players to defend their [...]

Fortnite is adding Mounted Turrets soon to provide another way for players to defend their structures.

Appearing within the Message of the Day announcements that pop up in Fortnite and preview what's to come, the Mounted Turrets were first seen there with an image showing what they looked like and a description of what the item does. Fortnite players took to the game's subreddit to show off the turrets and inform others who hadn't yet seen the message about what the turrets look like and do.

"Place the Mounted Turret and hop in to apply some suppressive fire!" the description of the new item said. "Careful not to overheat."

Mounted Turret coming soon! from r/FortNiteBR

While it's got offensive capabilities due to the fact that it's a twin-barrel gun mounted on a structure, it sounds like this item will be geared more towards situations requiring extra defenses such as when players have the structural advantage over an opponent. Combine this item with the likes of a Port-a-Fort or a preexisting building that players have claimed as their own and the Mounted Turret sounds like it'll be the perfect deterrent for anyone planning on rushing a structure.

The wording about the Mounted Turret potentially overheating also seems to imply that it might have unlimited ammo with only the risk of firing off too many rounds at once being something to watch out for. There's also the question of how the item works in terms of planting it on the ground and moving it around. It could be an item that players pick up and keep in their inventories among their weapons, but it being found within the trap inventory also seems like a possible outcome.

Whether players will be able to pick it up again and move it and how hard it'll be to destroy remains to be seen though, the damage that it does to enemies and their structures also important factors to consider when evaluating the item's place in the game. There's also the question of if this item means anything for the Minigun, an item that seems like it functions similarly to the Mounted Turret despite offering more mobility for its users. Several users within the thread discussed the possibility of the Minigun being vaulted, though it doesn't sound like something that's happening anytime soon since there are weekly challenges coming that require the use of the Minigun.

A release date wasn't provided for when Fortnite players can find the Mounted Turrets in their games, but it's expected to be released in an upcoming update.