Fortnite: New Cosmetic Items Including Skins, Backbling, and More

UPDATED: The names and the rarities have since been revealed and can be seen at the bottom of the article. The original story did not have access to that information at the time.

The latest update for Epic Games' Fortnite is now here and fans wasted no time when digging into the game's files to see what new items are on the horizon. From new skins, to new gliders, even a few new emotes; here's what players can expect in the near future!

Though not officially confirmed (and therefore the obligatory "grain of salt" memo applies), since the beginning of these datamines they have yet to be wrong. Epic Games doesn't do much to hide their files, making it easy to uncover what's coming down the pipeline. Thankfully the crew over on Twitter, TwoEpicBuddies, are always quick to the draw.

Below are the new skins on the way, including more on the superhero theme (including a villain) and even some good 'ol fashioned sports:

We've also got some new backbling and pickaxes to choose from, continuing on that sports theme with the basketball hoop:

And what better way to shout SPOOOOOORTS than with a new basketball emote? Below are the new emotes found:


  • Flytrap (Legendary) and Ventura (Epic)
  • Scoundrel (Epic) and Rapscallion (Epic)
  • Jumpsot (Rare) and Triple Threat (Rare)


  • Tendril (Rare) and Slam Dunk (Rare)
  • Nite Owl (Rare) Starry Night (Rare)


  • Hang Time (Epic) and Venus Flyer (Rare)
  • Burgle Bag (Epic) and Strongbox (Epic)


  • Basketball
  • Boogie Down
  • Laugh
  • Zippy

In the meantime while we're still waiting for the new items to come available, the latest patch is now live which brings with it two returning modes and a spiffy new self-refund feature and the arrival of shopping carts:

"Ready, set, GO! Race across the map in Shopping Carts. Find one in Battle Royale now."

Added rideable Shopping Carts.

  • Room for two - push it around or ride as a passenger!
  • Can shoot from passenger seat.
  • Found scattered around the world in various locations.
  • Fall damage enabled.

Fortnite is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and iOS devices. It will also be coming to Android, though an official date has not been set at this time. Hopefully as we near E3 we will get an official launch date soon! Until then, enjoy the latest patch and happy gaming!

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