Ninja Reports 'Fortnite' Player for Stream Sniping and Later Apologizes

Fortnite streamer Ninja reported another player for allegedly stream sniping him before later apologizing for the incident.

During one of Ninja’s Fortnite streams over the weekend, the player was eliminated from a match by someone called IcyFive. The elimination was followed by Ninja’s teammate and fellow streamer DrLupo telling them to keep an eye out for the player to emote, a common reaction to eliminating someone in Fortnite, especially with the one who got eliminated was a well-known player. The player did indeed emote, and Ninja took that as a confirmation that he was being stream sniped and instantly filled out a report for the supposed infraction.

Stream sniping, the crux of Ninja’s issue he took with the player, is the act of watching a streamer play while you’re in a game with them to either follow or predict their movements. It gives stream snipers a competitive edge that other players otherwise wouldn’t have, but there are ways around it through features like stream delays.

Within the clip above that showed the incident taking place, Ninja said he was going out of his way to make sure the player got banned even after filing the report. He then told the player that if they left the game right then, he wouldn’t report them, despite Ninja having already filed the report. Ninja took the player not leaving as IcyFive simply ignoring him, but according to the player, they were never stream sniping in the first place.


DrLupo responded to IcyFive regarding the incident and said he didn’t feel like the player was stream sniping during the match. Following that comment, a conversation between Ninja and IcyFive concluded with Ninja saying he guessed he was wrong about the situation and said “I am sorry” while also accusing IcyFive of playing the victim and milking the incident.

IcyFive doesn’t appear to have been banned from Fortnite.