Fortnite Is Recruiting Players to Join Two Teams

Fortnite is playing up its spy-themed Chapter 2 Season 2 once again by recruiting players to join [...]

Fortnite is playing up its spy-themed Chapter 2 Season 2 once again by recruiting players to join one of two teams. Team Shadow or Team Ghost are the two different options, both of which are groups players have already seen in-game if they own the battle pass and have been working their way through it. Players have been asked to choose whether they want a Team Ghost or Team Shadow skin as they unlock different cosmetics from the battle pass, and now, it looks like players are being assigned to one of the two factions if they interact with one of Fortnite's latest tweets.

The official Fortnite account tweeted about the two factions this week and said players could either reply to their tweet or use the hashtag #FortniteOperatives to get assigned to a team. The response seems to be immediate with players getting a message from either Team Ghost or Team Shadow.

The two tweets players will get in response to the image are basically identical except for the image included and some of the traits used to describe the factions. Team Ghost is the group of smooth operators wearing dapper clothing while Team Shadow is the secretive group decked out mostly in black.

Is there anything to the Fortnite faction recruitment beyond just interacting with some players on Twitter? This could be the extent of it, but with Fortnite, it's always hard to tell. The factions have already been playing a role in Chapter 2 Season 2 and will likely have much bigger roles to play as the season goes on, so this probably won't be the last time that we see something about Team Ghost and Team Shadow.

A developer at Epic Games recently teased that Fortnite players would be seeing some "unbelievable things" coming to the game in the future, so perhaps whatever is going on with these groups has something to do with that. Even if we don't see much of them now, the end-of-season events that bring one season to a close and usher the next in will almost certainly have something to do with the factions.