Fortnite Developer Teases "Unbelievable Things" Coming in the Future

Some “unbelievable things” are coming to Fortnite at some point in the future, according to one Epic Games developer who responded to a player’s question about the status of the game. It’s a claim pretty much any company would love to make about their game, but considering how much Fortnite has done in the past, a statement like that is at least worth paying attention to. The comment about the unbelievable additions to Fortnite don’t give any indication of what those things might be though, so we’ll have to wait until either Epic Games releases them or players figure out what’s coming by peeking through the game’s files.

The developer who goes by JShredz within the Fortnite subreddits and works on the live operations team commented on a thread within the game’s subreddit that’s focused on the competitive aspect of the game. The thread in question asked other players what their pings looked like with the start of Chapter 2 Season 2 and pointed out that some people have seen higher pings lately. Server statuses and server locations were also brought up in the post with the hopes of having Epic Games notice it.

JShredz addressed different parts of the original post before mentioning that the team is always working on the server code to create a better experience. The developer added that they’re doing this alongside Epic Games’ work on things like the new helicopters and the undetermined “unbelievable things” that are coming.


“Finally to the performance of the server code itself, we are always working to improve the experience while still being able to bring you awesome new additions to the game like the Choppa and some unbelievable things we've got in store in the future,” JShredz said. “We have a number of both short term and long-in-the-making improvements to the game and networking experience that have unfortunately been slightly delayed by current events, but know that we're working as hard as we can to bring you the best experience possible.”

Whether they’ve officially been teased or not, Fortnite definitely has some interesting things on the way. There’s a Deadpool crossover going on right now in Fortnite with a skin waiting for players once their challenges are all completed, though it’s unknown if that’ll be the extent of the event. There’s also apparently a Travis Scott skin coming to the game which could very well be the next addition to the game’s Icon Series lineup.

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