Fortnite: New Season 5 Teaser Confirms Rumors

Fortnite just revealed the latest Season 5 teaser, less than 24 hours before the new season kicks [...]

Fortnite just revealed the latest Season 5 teaser, less than 24 hours before the new season kicks off! Check it out below:

We don't have any cool new items or weapons to speculate over. A couple of days ago we saw an incredible Kitsune Yokai mask, and yesterday we saw a really cool Viking battle axe, and those set our imaginations on fire. Today we don't have any cool artifacts, but we do have what could be a confirmation of all of the Season 5 rumors we've been hearing.

All signs are pointing to a historically-themed Season 5, and we're fine with that.. We expect to see map changes, outfits, back bling, emotes, and even weapons enter the game that are based on historical figures and historical events. We also think that it's safe to assume that EPIC will be relying on our real-world history to drive this narrative. We've seen Fortnite llamas start appearing in the real world, and various landmarks from the Battle Royale map have made their way into our world as well.

It's clear that the developers are trying to communicate that the dimensional rifts have started to create a bridge between the world of Fortnite and the world you and I live in, and things are crossing over on both sides. That, perhaps, is how this historical narrative is going to piece together. Worlds truly are colliding!

Dimensional rifts obviously do not obey the normal laws of space and time as we know them, so who's to say that objects, people, and even events from our past can't start bleeding over into the game world? This, I think, are what these teasers are pointing us to.

With this in mind, it's clear that the developers at EPIC have a ton of creative freedom with which to move and create. Almost anything is fair game since they have an entire world history to take inspiration from, and they have zero obligation to stick to that history strictly. When we accept that dimensional rifts are blending worlds together, we're automatically assuming that anything could happen.

We could very well see Nikola Tesla in Samurai armor, or Leonardo da Vinci as a pirate captain. Historical accuracy gets thrown out the window when void tears come into play, so we're ready for some bizarre twists and turns.

What are you hoping to see in Season 5, and will you be buying the Battle Pass? Let us know in the comments below!