'Fortnite' Resolves "Take the Elf" Emote Issues

Epic Games has resolved Fortnite’s issues that affected its servers, but it also fixed the [...]

Epic Games has resolved Fortnite's issues that affected its servers, but it also fixed the problem with the "Take the Elf" emote and made it so that players can now correctly receive the reward.

Take the Elf is the newest emote that was supposed to be given out to those who completed the Day 8 challenge in the 14 Days of Fortnite event, but players found that they weren't receiving it even after meeting the requirements. A pop-up would say it was theirs to use, but it didn't appear in their Lockers. Epic Games acknowledged the problem and said that the emote would be distributed to players early next year.

In a more recent update, Epic Games said that the issues have now been fully resolved and that anyone who has completed or will complete the challenge will get the reward they earned with no further delay.

The server issues mentioned in the tweet above were also fixed, problems that caused players to be unable to login to the game and presented them with long wait times to get back into the client. After plenty of reports from players about the problems, Epic Games confirmed there were indeed issues preventing Fortnite's systems from working properly, a situation that led to the typical responses from people who couldn't play Fortnite and instead turned to other games or watched the login screen. Those issues have now been resolve though, so players can get back to completing the Day 8 challenge as well as every other task that's been unlocked before it to earn all the rewards from the 14 Days of Fortnite event.

Epic Games' Fortnite development team is currently on a break for the holidays, so it could be that it was easier to bundle the Take the Elf fix with the server issue problems and do them both at once instead of waiting until next year to release the reward. To tide players over while the team is on break, Epic Games has scheduled out three content updates for Fortnite that'll add more content, the first of which is already out and brought Presents with it. The second was scheduled a week away from the first, so look for it on December 30th.