16-Year-Old Kyle "Bugha" Giersdorf Wins $3 Million at Fortnite World Cup Finals Solo Division

Fortnite World Cup Solos Winner Bugha

The Fortnite World Cup has officially come to a close, with several lives being changed over the course of the competition due to the large amounts of prize money being offered by Epic Games. Yesterday's duo finals saw the top duo take home $3 million between the two of them, but today's solo finals led to just one person winning the same amount of money. That said, 16-year-old Kyle "Bugha" Giersdorf absolutely dominated the competition from the very start of the finals, which resulted in him taking home the top prize.

The Fortnite World Cup finals for solos consisted of six matches that saw the top 100 players in the world drop into the same lobby and slay out to see who the best was among them. The first match kicked off with Bugha taking the Victory Royale with a 19-point performance. After that, there was no stopping the 16-year-old on his way to winning three million dollars, the largest single payout in esports history.

As can be seen in the tweet above from the official Fortnite Competitive Twitter account, Psalm took second, while EpikWhale took third. The prize pool for the entire finals was massive, with everyone involved getting a piece of the pie. 200 of the top Fortnite players were picked out of the 10 qualifying weekends, with all of them making the trip to New York for the World Cup Finals and earning quite a bit of cash.

While this is not the first Fortnite competition, this is still only the beginning of the game's competitive scene. There are likely many more World Cups to come for players to get in on. As for now, however, Bugha will be pretty much set for quite some time to come. In any case, it's time to jump into Creative Mode and start practicing builds because there is surely even more money on the way in the years to come.


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