Friday the 13th: See The Jason X Map We'll Never Get To Play (Update)

Update: Gun Media president Wes Keltner reached out to us and stated that the interview with the "Friday the 13th: The Game France" Facebook page never happened. Saying that the Facebook page's video is actually leaked footage hackers took from the game's code, Keltner provided the following statement:

"Until today, I had never heard of this French Friday the 13th: The Game Facebook page. So you can understand my confusion when they claimed that I was interviewed by them. They are not affiliated with us at all, and I've never spoken to them."

Original Story:

Friday the 13th: The Game's Grendel map won't ever be graced by fleeing Counselors and Jason's carnage now that the release of the map has been cancelled, but you can see what it would've looked like through a new video walkthrough that's been released.

The Grendel map is one that's inspired by Jason X, Grendel being the name of the spaceship that Jason terrorizes when he thaws out of his frozen form and enters an intergalactic game of cat and mouse with the spaceship's inhabitants. Uber Jason would've been released alongside the map as well, but due to the ongoing lawsuit that's halted all Friday the 13th: The Game content creation, there won't be anyone playing as the new Jason or on the new map.

A French Facebook page called "Friday the 13th: The Game France" has a video though that shows what the map would've looked like. Sharing the 23-minute video that's seen below, the first look shows the map through the perspectives of both Jason and the Counselors. It's an unfinished version of the map, a state of development that's evident by some of the missing textures.

In a separate post, the Facebook page's owner shared information about the map learned from a conversation with Gun Media's Wes Keltner. The creator of Friday the 13th: The Game said that the plan was to have the Grendel map and Uber Jason out in mid-July, so it'd about be time for the content to release now if the legal situation hadn't put a stop to any new released that Gun Media was working on. The map would've had a different intro as well with whatever Jason variant players picked killing someone in the spaceship's control room, thus setting off alarms and scattering the Counselors.

As for killing Jason on this map, players would've had to utilize a portal to Crystal Lake that featured a condensed version of the map. From there, players could head into Jason's cabin like normal so they could acquire the sweater and kill him in the same way that you would on any other map. Instead of the police arriving, an escape pot would allow players a way to leave Grendel and win the game if it were called.


Keltner added that the map would've been both the last map and a huge one. He told the Facebook page that even if players experience the map several times, it still wouldn't feel like they'd seen the whole thing.

The full discussion with Keltner about the cancelled Friday the 13th: The Game map can be seen here.