G4 Cancels Streams Amid Layoff Reports

G4 has canceled today's live stream following reports of layoffs at the company. G4 was one of the pillars of games media in the early to mid-2000s, almost serving as an ESPN-like channel for video games and other forms of nerd culture. The TV network had a ton of amazing shows that kept viewers plugged into what was going on in the gaming industry and even played a role in creating stars like Olivia Munn, a host that went on to star in The Newsroom and X-Men: Apocalypse. Sadly, as the internet become more prominent, G4 became increasingly niche as a TV network before shutting down. It was, however, revived at the end of 2021 much to the surprise of gamers everywhere, but it's seemingly running into troubles once again.

G4 took to Twitter to announce it was canceling today's live streams due to "unforeseen circumstances." The streams will resume as normal tomorrow, but G4 did not clarify what exactly this meant. The news came out as Kotaku reported that G4 was experiencing layoffs, resulting in the company losing 20 – 30 people. One source reportedly told Kotaku that can't imagine the company will continue to produce its current slate of content with the people it lost. It's unclear if any hosts were laid off, but the cuts took reportedly took people by surprise as they arrived to film today and were abruptly met with HR reps who explained the situation. Kotaku also noted that G4's finances are in rough shape and there are efforts being made to slash budgets, leaving the future of the company rather unclear.

As of right now, it remains to be seen if G4 will address the matter during any of its live streams tomorrow. The company boasts a lot of big talent with former G4 stars and notable newcomers like WWE's Xavier Woods. Only time will tell if and how G4 moves forward following these reports.

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