GameStop Announces Meme-Worthy Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Giveaway

GameStop will be giving away flying pigs for its next Pokemon giveaway. The retail chain will be giving away Flying Tera Type Lechonk beginning this Friday to celebrate the launch of the Scarlet and Violet Pokemon Trading Card Game set. Pokebeach, which first reported on the giveaway, didn't have any other details about what moveset or special items the Pokemon would have, but the prospect of GameStop (a company whose stock has risen largely thanks to meme trading) giving away a meme Pokemon with a meme Tera type seems like too good of an opportunity to pass up on.

Every Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has a Tera Type, which is activated when a Pokemon Terastallizes. Not only does a Pokemon temporarily become the same type as their Tera Type when they Terastallize, their moves that match the Tera Type become more powerful as well. So, a Flying Tera Type Lechonk suddenly becomes a lot more effective against Fighting-type Pokemon when it Terastallizes, although it also gains all the weaknesses of a Flying-type Pokemon as well. 

The giveaway will be one of two Lechonk-themed promotions running at GameStop, with the other being a Lechonk trading card that features a GameStop logo. According to Pokebeach, stores can choose whether to give the Lechonk card away for free or give it to customers who purchase $15 of Pokemon cards. 

The Pokemon Trading Card Game is launching the Scarlet & Violet series of cards, which of course focuses on Pokemon from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The cards also bring back -ex Pokemon cards as powerful cards that have powerful attacks that often require relatively few energy. There are also Tera-ex Pokemon cards that don't take damage while on the bench, providing them with an extra boost in battle. 

Expect the Lechonk giveaway to be officially announced soon and to start on Friday.