(Update) New GameStop Promotion Will Offer Full Refund for New Game

Update: GameStop's new promotion is real and will go into effect first with Days Gone, a spokesperson confirmed to ComicBook. GameStop's Days Gone page mentions the promotion, and the full statement received from GameStop can be seen below:

"True to our core promise, today's announcement is a testament that GameStop is committed to giving power to the players – and our 'Guaranteed to Love It' trade promotion offers our customers the peace and mind of buying video games inside our retail stores at no risk, beginning with Days Gone next week," said GameStop's spokesperson.

Original: GameStop appears to be preparing to launch a new refund promotion that lets someone purchase a new game and return it within 48 hours of the game's launch for a full refund in the form of trade-in credit. The "Guaranteed to Love it" policy, assuming the evidence presented so far is accurate, will begin with the PlayStation 4 exclusive Days Gone that's scheduled to release next week and will give buyers the full value of the game back if they aren't satisfied.

News of the GameStop promotion that's reportedly being implemented comes by the way of Cheap Ass Gamer, a site which specializes in sharing news of deals on video games. In what appears to be an internal GameStop document that's leaked, one that looks like it'd go to individual stores and employees, the process for the new policy is explained.

When buying Days Gone at the time the game launches, shoppers will reportedly get a promotional barcode to go with their game. For apparently any reason they may want to, consumers can then take that code and the game back to GameStop within 48 hours of the launch to get the full $59.99 value refunded as trade-in credit. The policy only applies to Days Gone for now, according to the document, and the policy will be live from April 25th when the game releases to April 28th.

Assuming this policy is legit, it would be an extremely useful one to those who still prefer physical media. It's important to note though that the deal only applies to the game's launch, not when someone buys it. This means that if you're waiting to see some reviews and reactions, buy it later, and still end up not liking it, you're out of luck when it comes to getting a full refund. The deal also only applies to Days Gone right now with no mention of other games like Mortal Kombat 11 which also releases next week.

GameStop has not yet confirmed that this new promotion is going into effect. We've reached out for comment and will update the article accordingly if more information is shared.



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