GameStop Has The SNES Classic Edition In Stock For A Very Limited Time


Let's say you've been hunting for a SNES Classic Edition system ever since the holidays, and you've been coming up empty, mainly because you've had the hardest time trying to find anyone that's got it in stock. Well, good news, we found someone – but you might want to act fast.

GameStop actually has Nintendo's 16-bit compilation system in stock, but something tells us that it's going to go very fast.

The system can be purchased here in its general $79.99 bundle, which comes with 21 games (including Star Fox 2) and two controllers.

If you prefer to get another controller added to the mix, there are also two collective bundles available, one with a wireless blue controller and one with a wireless red controller, both made by YoK. (This might be handy for those of you that want a controller that isn't limited by wiring.) They're going for $94.99, equating the cost of the extra controller to about $15.

Again, these are bound to sell out very quickly, so you might want to head over and get those orders in while you get a chance. Classic gaming is calling!


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