GameStop Announces New In-Store Xbox Series X Restock

GameStop has confirmed that gamers will get the chance to buy an Xbox Series X this week. The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 have been in notoriously short supply since releasing in 2020, largely due to supply chain issues. When the consoles do go in stock, scalpers usually manage to take a large chunk of the supply away and sell them at an upcharge, leaving a lot of consoles to collect dust on sites like eBay. Nonetheless, the platform holders are doing their best to circumvent this by teaming up with retailers for in-store restocks and it looks like fans can expect one rather soon.

GameStop has announced it will have Xbox Series X units available for in-store purchase on March 18th at select locations. These will only be available for PowerUp Rewards Pro members and it seems as if there won't be any standard consoles available. Those who want an Xbox Series X will have to buy a bundle, which typically comprises of games, subscription cards, and other accessories, forcing people to pay more money should they want one. You can go here to view a map of all of the GameStop stores across the United States, but it's unclear if this map reflects the stores that will have Xbox Series X bundles in stock.

Although it's not ideal to have to buy a bundle out of the gate, it does allow players the chance to secure a console and some stuff they probably would've had to buy at one point or another anyways. As of right now, it's generally unclear when the console shortage will come to an end. It was estimated that it may become easier to acquire in 2022, but some analysts and companies have stated it could be longer. With that said, the more restocks happen, the more chances people will have to get consoles and slowly eliminate the people racing to the queues. 

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[H/T Wario64]