Gears 5 Has Some Big Improvements Coming Soon

Today, The Coalition revealed and detailed some of the big improvements coming to Gears 5 soon, or [...]

Today, The Coalition revealed and detailed some of the big improvements coming to Gears 5 soon, or at least the parts of the game it's most focused on improving going forward. According to the developer, it's been listening to fan feedback, and has been shaping its development pipeline based off this feedback. And so, going forward, it will be predominately focused on service stability and improving the ranked system. Meanwhile, also high up on its list of things to tackle is matchmaking and gameplay tuning.

According to The Coalition, a fix is under investigation for players that aren't seeing post-match rewards or that are experiencing random disconnects, the latter of which is something I've personally seen a considerable number of players complaining about. Meanwhile, the game is removing the 15 and 30 minute "timeout" penalties in order to reduce impact of disconnects. In other words, you won't get punished for these disconnects anymore.

The Coalition also admits that post-match tier skill points are inaccurate and not consistently representative of a player's individual performance. That said, a fix has been identified and is in the works as you read this.

Further, the developer is aware that matches in select regions have higher pings than they should, plus unacceptable wait times. According to the developer, a potential cause has possibly been identified, so expect a fix soon-ish. Lastly, gameplay tuning is coming:

"We are reviewing weapon balance tuning in Versus with a current focus on the Lancer, Breaker, Markza and Melee," writes the developer. "There is a new Lancer tuning coming soon with more updates to other weapons coming in the future."

For more details on the status of the game and what's coming to it in the near-future, be sure to peep all of The Coalition's entire post addressing all of the above and more, by clicking right here.

Gears 5 is available for PC and Xbox One. For more news, rumors, leaks, media, and information on the cover-shooter, be sure to peep all of our previous and extensive coverage of the game.