Ghost of Tsushima 2 Multiplayer Possibly Leaked

A couple of job listings out of Sucker Punch Productions seemingly leak some details about Ghost of Tsushima 2. A sequel to 2020's popular PS4 exclusive has yet to be officially or formally announced, but it's always been a safe bet following the game's success and previous jobs listings from the studio and PlayStation have all but confirmed its existence in the past as well. That said, it sounds like the sequel is going to have multiplayer. This may be surprising to some considering the first game did not have multiplayer, however, multiplayer was added to it after release via Ghost of Tsushima Legends, which didn't light the world on fire but was a promising initial attempt and did garner a positive reception.

What specifically points towards the existence of multiplayer in the second game? Well, Sucker Punch is currently looking to hire a Senior Multiplayer Mission Designer and a Senior Multiplayer Systems Designer. This could be for a completely different game, however, there have been zero rumors or reports pointing towards anything beyond Ghost of Tsushima 2 being in development at the studio. Beyond this, the listings could simply point toward another post-launch Legends experience, but if that was the case, why is Sucker Punch already hiring for this work so early into the sequel's development?

"Sucker Punch is looking for a Senior Multiplayer Mission Designer who shares our passion for pushing creative limits and redefining expectations about what games can be," reads the one job listing. "A successful candidate will have a passion for building robust, dynamic missions that provide fresh challenge and excitement for rookies and veterans alike. They'll recognize how game design choices impact social dynamics and leverage them to enable great cooperative experiences for all players."

Unfortunately, this is about as juicy as the job listings get in terms of details. This is a case where the existence of the job listings themselves are more interesting than the details inside. That said, for now, take all the speculation here with a grain of salt. The job listings are here, but there's nothing to them that confirms Ghost of Tsushima 2 will have multiplayer. That's what they suggest when you start connecting the various dots, but they do not confirm this.