Ghost of Tsushima Movie Director Shares Disappointing Update

The director behind PlayStation's upcoming Ghost of Tsushima movie has shared a bit of a disappointing update about the project. Following the success of Ghost of Tsushima on PS4 back in 2020, Sony revealed in 2021 that it would be creating a film based on the game with John Wick director Chad Stahelski. Since that time, news on the movie has been fairly quiet, and sadly, it sounds like this could be a trend moving forward. 

Speaking in a new interview with Total Film, Stahelski made clear that tackling the Ghost of Tsushima movie is the next thing that he would personally love to do the most after John Wick: Chapter 4. Unfortunately, Stahelski stated that the movie itself might not be ready to enter production just yet as there are still business matters behind the scenes that need to be taken care of. Stahelski went on to hype up the movie quite a bit, but there are still things happening outside of his own control that might keep him from fully committing to its creation just yet. 

"[Ghost of Tsushima] would be my favorite to do next. Without going into crazy detail, it's something I'm super interested in," Stahelski said. "We have a really great script. We have a really good creative team behind it. It's just about getting all the business end of things locked in. It's kind of in that little bit of flux where everybody is trying to tighten up the deal to get everything going, and to make sure we do the best with it. It's a simple thing: getting a great script, and starting to put together a cast. It just takes a lot of moving parts."

While it's promising to hear that Stahelski is so excited about this Ghost of Tsushima movie, to learn that the project isn't ready to move forward with filming just yet means that its release could be a bit further down the road. Still, this movie seems like one that will absolutely see the light of day, it's just going to take far longer than fans of the franchise would likely prefer. 

How do you feel about seeing Ghost of Tsushima adapted for the big screen? And when do you expect the movie will actually end up releasing? Let me know either down in the comments or reach out to me on Twitter at @MooreMan12

[H/T Slash Film]