Ghost Recon Announcement Confirmed for This Week

Ubisoft confirmed on Monday that a new Ghost Recon announcement is indeed coming this week, a reveal which some people expected following some teasers that indicated as much. What will be revealed isn’t know yet, but Ubisoft did provide a date and time for when the announcement will come. An announce trailer will be shared on the Ghost Recon Twitch channel and Ubisoft’s YouTube channel on May 9th at 11:30 p.m.

The announcement plans were confirmed in the teaser below that showed only a skull next to the Ghost Recon logo and some information about the reveal that’s coming later this week. Nowhere in the teaser does it explicitly indicate the announcement will be for a new game, but that’s the best bet considering the hype that’s being put into the announcement combined with previous teasers. Ghost Recon: Wildlands 2 or something of that nature is one of the theorized outcomes of the announcement so far, though a return to Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is another game that’s popped up amid the speculations.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is the latest game in the Ghost Recon franchise to be released back in 2017, so it seems in order that Ubisoft would be teasing a new game around this time. Perhaps whatever is revealed this week will come with a teaser of its own that more will be shown off next month during E3, a prime time for Ubisoft to share more on whatever it has planned.

This event taking place on May 9th means that day just got even busier than it already was expected to be before. Sony is bringing back its PlayStation stream called State of Play for a second set of reveals and announcements on that day. Fortnite’s Season 9 also begins on May 9th, so expect that game to be quite active on Thursday as players explore what the new season brings.



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