God Of War Devs Previously Talked About Tying Kratos To Christian Beliefs

The forthcoming God of War game represents a new way to play compared to the previous adventures [...]

God of War PS4

The forthcoming God of War game represents a new way to play compared to the previous adventures of Kratos that we've seen in the past -- and could be visiting some new places as well. After all, it steps away from Greek mythology into more of a Norse setting, and utilizes a closer third-person perspective, instead of the distant one that we've gotten used to.

But it turns out the game could've deviated even further from that. Game Informer recently posted an interview with creative director Cory Barlog, who had previously spoken to original God of War director David Jaffe about the new path that the latest game in the series was taking. And, at one point, Christian religions actually came into the discussion.

"[David Jaffe and I] had several discussions where it was like the thought of Kratos graduating on and connecting into, even sort of Christian religions and connecting it. There's the three wise men going toward the star of Bethlehem in the image at the end of God of War 1." Barlog explained. (Though it was really in the second God of War, just a quick correction.)

Jaffe apparently also had a "bunch of thoughts" when it came to the direction of the new game. "Even in the first game, it felt like Dave had a lot of avenues of all the places you could go, kind of like somebody who goes in and touches all the food and says 'Nobody after me can make any decisions or have any of this because it's all mine.' But yeah, he had a bunch of thoughts."

We've seen Christian-based beliefs put into an action game in the past, as EA's Dante's Inferno leaned quite heavily on them. PlayStation Lifestyle noted so, explaining that the game was based on the first canticle of Divine Comedy. But, obviously, God of War wouldn't have been that heavy-handed if it went that direction.

But it seems like the Norse logic that the game will follow will make for an interesting new setting for Kratos and God of War, as it's building up to be one of this year's most highly anticipated efforts.

God of War will release sometime this spring for PlayStation 4.