God of War Developer Hiring for "New Unannounced Title"

Sony Santa Monica Studio, the developer responsible for the latest God of War game, is hiring for [...]

Sony Santa Monica Studio, the developer responsible for the latest God of War game, is hiring for a project. What's even more exciting than that is that the project in question is a new and unannounced title, according to the studio. This should rule out the God of War: Ragnarok game that was announced back in September, though Sony Santa Monica hasn't shared any details on what this new game might be nor has it really shared anything on what God of War: Ragnarok is.

The latest announcement about the studio's hiring efforts that referenced the new, unnamed project can be seen below after it was shared on Twitter on Tuesday. Sony Santa Monica is currently looking for an art director, the studio announced, though the community was obviously much more interested in the new project referenced in the post.

Unfortunately for those looking to take in more details from the job listing itself, there's not much to go off of there. It asks for a person with at least 10 years of experience who's held an art lead or art director position on a AAA game in the past, though there aren't any details there to suggest what this new project might be. Other listings like one for a position within Sucker Punch Productions directly referenced Ghost of Tsushima and said applicants had to be intimately familiar with its combat system, for example, but this job listing doesn't mention God of War at all.

Regardless of what that new title might be, people have been doing their best to try and decipher what God of War: Ragnarok might be and when that game might be released. Based on comments from Sony executives in the past, there's reason to believe that it might not be a PlayStation 5 exclusive as some people theorized. It's also unclear how the game ties into the God of War franchise since all we've gotten was the first teaser for it. Kratos is at least in Fortnite now since his skin was added in the current season, so players can at least play as him there until the next proper God of War game is announced.