Ghost of Tsushima Sequel or New Content Hinted at By Job Listing

Ghost of Tsushima developer Sucker Punch Productions is hiring for a position that may indicate [...]

Ghost of Tsushima developer Sucker Punch Productions is hiring for a position that may indicate we'll be getting more out of the acclaimed 2020 game at some point in the future. The job in question is for a combat designer, and while that could very well be for any project involving combat, the job requirements specifically requested that applicants be quite familiar with Ghost of Tsushima's combat. A sequel to the game or more content are both possibilities stemming from the job listing, both of which make sense considering how popular Ghost of Tsushima was.

The job listing found on Sucker Punch Productions' site has all the indicators of being a Ghost of Tsushima project before it ever mentions the game itself. Detailing the combat designer position and the qualities Sucker Punch Productions would look for, the job listing mentioned parrying, storytelling, and challenging encounters, all of which were melded together to create the Ghost of Tsushima experience.

"Do you dissect the combat and core systems of all games you play? Do you delight in knowing the details of attack or parry timing and count frames? Then we would like to talk to you!" the opening of the job description for the position read. "We are looking for people who are passionate about living and breathing Combat Design. Sucker Punch games focus on strong and innovative player abilities mixed with rich storytelling and challenging encounters. As a Combat Designer, you're in the middle of this, creating the glue for content and systems, helping create a cohesive and exhilarating experience."

That already sounds a lot like something that could be Ghost of Tsushima, but it's later on in the job listing where we see the game mentioned specifically. Under the "Requirements" section, the listing says that applicants must "have played Ghost of Tsushima and understand its core combat systems."

Ghost of Tsushima itself was a complete and rewarding experience that didn't need any extra content added onto it afterwards, but it's hard to imagine those who invested time into the game being apprehensive about getting more content if the possibility is there. It's gotten updates since release to add content from other PlayStation hits like God of War and Bloodborne since release and even got a multiplayer spin-off called Ghost of Tsushima: Legends. Like many others who put together their lists of the best games of 2020, we found Ghost of Tsushima earning an easy spot on our own lists of last year's top games.

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