God of War Studio May Be Making a New Sci-Fi Game

Sony Santa Monica, the team behind God of War, may be working on a new sci-fi game. PlayStation houses some of the best developers in the industry with the likes of Naughty Dog, Insomniac Games, and Sony Santa Monica. It allows for some world-class line-ups every generation, spawning industry-defining games like The Last of Us or the reboot of God of War. A lot of these studios have stuck with the franchises they know for the last decade, but it seems like the team at Sony Santa Monica is interested in branching out a bit more. We knew God of War (2018) director Cory Barlog had passed the torch to Eric Williams as Barlog was busy with other projects. We have been left in the dark for some time as to what this could be, but rumor has it it's a sci-fi game of some kind.

With that said, it seems like Sony Santa Monica writer Alanah Pearce may have slipped up and confirmed that. On the Play, Watch, Listen podcast, Pearce was talking with Mike Bithell who noted that he was working on a "unspecified sci-fi franchise" and Pearce giggled at the vague description and said "same". Of course, she could just be joking around, but given the rumors have already suggested this to be the case, it wouldn't be surprising if she more or less just mistakenly corroborated those rumors. It doesn't really give us anything to go off of, though. It's unclear if this game would be a new IP or if it's a video game set in a popular sci-fi universe. 

Barlog is a pretty big Marvel fan, so maybe we'll get a new Marvel game. Disney has also started letting other developers take a crack at Star Wars, so maybe it's a Star Wars game. We likely won't know for quite a while. Either way, it sounds like Sony Santa Monica is cooking up something new for its team.

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