God of War TV Show Boss Shares Update on Development

One of the executives in charge of Amazon Prime Video's upcoming God of War TV show has shared a new update on the project's development. Since first being ordered by Amazon last month in an official capacity, questions have continued to circle about the nature of this God of War TV series and when it will release. And while many fans simply want to know who will be playing Kratos in live-action, it sounds like we may not have an answer for some time. 

In a recent conversation with Deadline, Sony Pictures TV Studios President Katherine Pope spoke briefly about how work is progressing on God of War. Pope didn't share much about God of War overall, but she did state that the series is still quite early on in development. And while this means that the show likely won't air for a bit, Pope has already found herself impressed by what has been created so far. 

"There's a lot of really important IP here, we're working on God of War, the PlayStation title, which is still in the early stages. I know the game pretty well, and I'm so impressed with what they're already doing in terms of building out that world and expanding, keeping all the values of the game but also expanding it so that if you don't know the game, it's still going to be a really satisfying show on its own.

Going purely based on previous TV show timelines, it seems like the earliest point at which God of War could air would be 2025. In all likelihood, much of the pre-production work on the series will be done this year, which would then potentially allow filming to begin in 2024. After the post-production stage, the show could then air the following year. This is purely my own hypothesis, but either way, Pope has made clear that God of War fans should be prepared to wait a bit longer for this show to come about. If nothing else, perhaps we'll hear more about which actors will star in the series as 2023 continues onward. 

When do you think that this God of War TV series will end up coming to Prime Video? And which actor are you hoping to see play Kratos in the show? Let me know either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12