God of War Ragnarok Actor Campaigns to Play Kratos in TV Show

God of War Ragnarok actor Christopher Judge wants to play Kratos in live-action. Kratos is one of the most iconic characters in all of gaming. Even dating back to the PS2, Kratos was a key PlayStation character and was instantly recognizable due to how utterly jacked he was, his tattoos and scars, and his demented voice screaming out at his enemies. He was such a big deal, NetherRealm even incorporated him into Mortal Kombat as a playable character in PlayStation versions of the game. His legacy continued in 2018 with the PS4 release of God of War, a soft reboot that changed the tone of the series but continued the story. The actor for Kratos also changed to Christopher Judge who has been hailed for giving one of the best performances in a video game with both the 2018 entry and God of War Ragnarok.

Earlier this year, it was confirmed that Amazon was developing a live-action TV series for God of War. It's unclear which games it will adapt or who will be in it, but many began fan casting Kratos. Marvel actor Dave Bautista threw his name in the hat for Kratos and numerous other names were suggested by fans. However, Kratos actor Christopher Judge thinks he's the man for the job. A fan on Twitter noted how none of the fan casts were as good as Christopher Judge because he is "literally the fu**ing God of War". Judge responded saying "co-sign". It seems like Judge has aspirations to reprise his role as Kratos in live-action and continue the character's legacy.

Christopher Judge may have low, deep voice perfect for Kratos, but he has also been doing the full body performance because he's a giant man relatively proportionate to Kratos. He has the body for it, he has the voice for it, it does seem like Christopher Judge is a great fit for Kratos. However, given the nature of these shows, it wouldn't be surprising if Amazon tries to find a more "recognizable" name that it can rest the marketing on.

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