Great British Bake-Off Finalist Gets a Tabletop Game

A finalist from The Great British Bake-Off is getting her own board game. Earlier this month, Skybound Games announced they would publish Kim Joy's Magic Bakery, a cooperative card game that features Kim-Joy Hewlett. Hewlett is a Belgian-British baker who rose to fame after becoming a finalist on the ninth season of The Great British Bake-Off. Hewlett also currently writes a baking column for the British newspaper The Guardian

Kim Joy's Magic Bakery involves gathering ingredients and then combining them together to form a baking masterpiece. In each scenario, players have to satisfy a total of seven customers by baking their preferred dish. If too many customers are on the playing field at once, one will leave unsatisfied. The card game plays out over a total of 10 different scenarios, each of which adds a different wrinkle to the game. 

Hewlett was actively involved in the design of Kim Joy's Magic Bakery and is listed as a creative consultant for the game. On Twitter, Hewlett noted that she and her partner met through playing tabletop games and that she's always loved how baking and board games and card games are similar in bringing people together. "Great for socially anxious people like me cause there's a focus instead of small talk!" Hewlett wrote on Twitter.

Kim Joy's Magic Bakery isn't Hewlett's first foray into "geek spaces." The baker was also recently tapped to bake a special birthday cake to celebrate Final Fantasy XIV's eighth birthday. 

The description for Kim Joy's Magic Bakery reads: Your favorite British Baker, Kim-Joy, has moved to a magical forest and opened up a small bakery. Now she needs your help to keep customers happy. From sly foxes to needy cats, gossipy ducks to clumsy dinosaurs, you're about to have your hands full keeping this bakery running smoothly!


Kim Joy's Magic Bakery was designed by Ben Kepner and features art from Linda Van Den Berg. The game has a retail price of $20 and will go on sale on October 10th.