GTA 4 Remaster Rumors Commented on by Industry Insider

There have been rumors of a GTA 4 remaster from a couple of sources, but the most prominent rumor came last year via Ralph, a prominent industry leaker. If the rumors are accurate, a remaster of Grand Theft Auto IV is being released by Rockstar Games in 2023. Naturally, the rumors have Grand Theft Auto fans excited, but a new and brief comment from an equally prominent industry insider may just rain on the parade. 

Over on Twitter, AccountNGT recently relayed word that they had not heard of a remaster of GTA 4. The leaker goes on to note that this doesn't mean such a product doesn't exist, but just they haven't heard about it. Why is this noteworthy? Well, for one, AccountNGT is one of the more prominent leakers in the industry. Secondly, they have had scoops about GTA in the past. For example, they leaked the reveal trailer for GTA Online: The Contract before it was revealed. So, the fact they haven't heard about a remaster of the game is a bit more noteworthy than your run-of-the-mill leaker or insider. 

Interestingly, the Grand Theft Auto rumor mill has also recently claimed that a GTA Online Liberty City expansion is in the works. If this is true, releasing this in close proximity to a GTA 4 remaster would make sense.  That said, at this point, all we have is unofficial information and speculation. GTA 4 is largely stranded on legacy hardware, so it would be great to see it brought forward in similar fashion to the GTA Trilogy, though hopefully with a lot more execution and polish.

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