GTA Online's San Andreas Mercenaries Trailer Teases Explosive New Update

GTA Online is getting a pretty explosive new update next week and the new trailer teases the level of chaos we can expect. GTA Online is one of the most bombastic games out there, even from day one when it was released a decade ago. You can drive dirt bikes off the top of a mountain, rob banks with armored cars, and lift cars through the air using helicopters with hooks. As the years have gone on, Rockstar Games has indulged in the absurdity more and more with each passing update allowing players to stop evil AIs hellbent on destroying the world, steal from private islands using massive submarines, and ride flying motorcycles. It's pretty wild, sometimes to a fault depending on who you ask, but the latest update looks like a blast.

Last week, Rockstar Games announced a new GTA Online update called San Andreas Mercenaries which will see you facing off with Merryweather. Details are still somewhat scarce as Rockstar has just teased what we can expect from the update via new missions, some new vehicles, quality of life updates, and so on, but the scope and scale of this update is still a bit vague. However, the new trailer for the update certainly paints a picture as there are an ungodly amount of explosions, plane battles, fire fights, and more. It looks like it could be one of the most action packed updates to come to GTA Online in recent memory. You can check out the trailer down below.

It's unclear just how long Rockstar Games plans to keep releasing big new updates for GTA Online. It's heavily speculated that Grand Theft Auto VI could release as soon as next fall, which would mean GTA Online would likely stop being supported with new content. If it does release next year, it's highly likely we'll only get 2 – 3 more new updates, as Rockstar has been releasing updates for GTA Online every 6 months or so, though that could slow down as more people work to finish the new game.

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