GTA 5 Is Being Review Bombed by Angry PS5 and Xbox Series X Players

The new version of Grand Theft Auto V on Xbox Series X|S and PS5 is receiving a ton of backlash from players due to its relatively marginal upgrades. Some Rockstar fans have been very vocal about their frustration with the developer in recent years. Not only has it only released one brand-new original title since 2013, but it has also multiple re-releases of Grand Theft Auto V. In addition to that, the developer is coming hot off of the rocky launch of the GTA trilogy. Rockstar has since confirmed that Grand Theft Auto VI is in development, allowing some clarity as to the future of the franchise and hope for those that thought the old Rockstar had vanished.

Still, that hasn't stopped people from review bombing the new version of Grand Theft Auto V on Metacritic. Many are frustrated with the marginal upgrades included with this remaster, citing a high price point and lack of interesting new features. Rockstar had announced that the new GTA V remaster would be discounted at $20 for the first 3 months of its release, but would go back up to $40 after this period. Given its an eight year old game, this hasn't sat right with a lot of people. As it stands, the PS5 version of the game holds a user score of 3.4 and the Xbox Series X version hold a 3.5. One user also noted how they believe Rockstar neglected Red Dead Online for this re-release, a game that hasn't had a significant content update in many months.

Gran Turismo 7 also recently got review bombed after its online servers went down for over 24 hours, rendering the game largely unplayable. While there is something to be said about letting users speak their mind, review bombs are largely unhelpful. It's virtually impossible to verify who has actually played the game and how much time they've put into it and a lot of the negative reviews just give the game a 0 or 1/10, which is pretty extreme for a game like Grand Theft Auto V since it is a functional product.

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