GTA Online Makes Surprise Changes With Secret Update

Rockstar Games has released a new and secret GTA Online update, however, like most background [...]

Rockstar Games has released a new and secret GTA Online update, however, like most background updates, it doesn't do much. What it does do is makes changes and improvements to the game. With the update being a background update, it doesn't require a download. And that's not only because the update is on the smaller side, but these aforementioned changes aren't changes of consequence.

According to the patch notes -- provided by Tez2 -- the update fixes a few smaller issues like the issue with train containers in the E.C.U Job and the Auto Shop dupe glitches. As you will know, all of these issues arose with the game's latest update, and this background update doesn't solve all of these issues. For example, issues with the Kruma vehicle, which players have been calling out, remain unadressed, but these changes likely require a proper update.

Below, you can check out the update's patch notes in their entirety, again, courtesy of Tez2:

  • Player control is disabled when viewing Mimi interaction menu while still allowing camera control (glitch/bug fix)
  • Adjustment to Scramble & H2H Rep patch to not target legit players
  • Fixed an issue with train containers collision in the E.C.U Job
  • Patches to certain glitches involving car meet mod shop.
  • Patches to certain Auto Shop dupe glitches
  • Patch to kick players who join a different session while entering an interior.
  • Patch to kick players who join a playlist that includes the new contract missions.

If any more changes or improvements are discovered, we will be sure to update the story accordingly. In the meantime, click here for all of our most recent GTA Online coverage.

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