Grand Theft Auto Fans Think Rockstar Games Employee Just Leaked GTA 6

Did a Rockstar Games developer just nod and wink at GTA 6 and the rumors, reports, and leaks [...]

Did a Rockstar Games developer just nod and wink at GTA 6 and the rumors, reports, and leaks claiming the game's central location will be Vice City, the series fictional take on Miami Florida that Grand Theft Auto fans haven't seen since 2002 when Rockstar transported players to 1986 Miami with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City? Like most theories involving GTA 6, there's some stretching required to jump on board this one, but compared to many other GTA 6 theories, this one is actually somewhat believable.

Over on Instagram, the manager of Rockstar Games music shared a picture of South Beach, Miami. By itself, this isn't much. Yes, the rumors are the game is set in Vice City, but people also vacation and Miami is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the United States. However, what's a bit strange is that the developer tagged Rockstar Games in the image. Now, again this could mean nothing, or even worse, be the developer trolling fans, but whatever the case, the end result has been speculation that this is a not-so-subtle nod and wink at the aforementioned rumors, reports, and leaks.

For now, take all of this speculation for what it is, which is complete and utter speculation. While there's something to the speculation, none of it is very definitive. In fact, none of it's remotely definitive. It all requires assumptions about the intentions of others. As a result, take it all with a major grain of salt.

Rockstar Games is one of the most locked-up shops in the industry. It's hard to find sources there and their developers almost never leak anything, let alone tease something in the least subtle way imaginable.

As you would expect, Rockstar Games hasn't commented on the Instagram story or the speculation it has created. Typically, it declines to comment on speculation, whether it's generated from a rumor, report, or a leak. In other words, we don't expect this to change, but if it does, we will be sure to update the story accordingly.

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