GTA Online Teases New Heist and Island Map

Rockstar Games has updated GTA Online on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC with a new in-game tease -- featuring dead bodies and a mysterious briefcase -- that appears to be teasing not just the game's new heist, but possibly a new island location and map expansion. As of this morning, dead bodies have begun to spawn in various beach locations, at random times, holding a briefcase. More specifically, each real-time hour a corpse washes up on a shore in the game, and each time the location swaps between multiple different locations.

There's nothing about the tease that definitively confirms it's for the game's new heist that Rockstar Games has said will release alongside the game's "biggest ever update" before April 1, 2021. However, in the past, these types of in-game teases have been used to tease new heists.

Meanwhile, this week we relayed word of a new report claiming that this same update will include the game's first-ever map expansion. Rockstar Games has already confirmed the update will add a new location, but unlike previous locations added to the game, this one will reportedly expand the game's map and bring players to a new island.

With that in mind, the fact that these bodies are washing up on shore seems to hint at the claims of this report. Adding to this, the game has been running discounts on boats and yachts, which also seems to hint at a possible new map expansion involving a new island.


What's even more interesting are the rumors about GTA 6, or at least most of them, which claim that in addition to Vice City, the game's map will contain multiple island locations. Could one of these islands be the new GTA Online location? Well, that's the question on the mind of every GTA fan.

All of that said, for now, take all of this with a grain of salt given that it's laced with speculation. Something is obviously happening in GTA Online, and it almost certainly is related to the aforementioned "biggest ever update," but at the moment, we don't have a definitive picture, just a bunch of dots that may -- or may not -- actually connect.