GTA Online Confirms Major Long-Requested Features Coming in New Update

GTA Online is adding some major features that have been requested by fans for years now. GTA Online is a total juggernaut and seemingly shows no signs of slowing down. Having just released a new Xbox Series X|S and PS5 version earlier this year, the game is taking on a new generation of hardware and will seemingly continue to be updated on these new platforms for the foreseeable future. As of right now, no one knows when the next Grand Theft Auto game will release, so Rockstar Games is hunkering down on GTA Online to ensure fans have something to do for the next few years.

Rockstar Games confirmed today that it is bringing in a bunch of major, sweeping quality of life changes that fans have been requesting for months, if not years. You can now organize your phone contacts to get to your favorites (like Lester) faster, cars will show up in your garage faster, bicycles can be brought to you by the mechanic, shark cards are getting a 20 – 25% value increase, and yes, ray-traced reflections are being added to the Xbox Series X and PS5 versions with real time ray-traced reflections on "many surfaces" in the game's Fidelity Mode. There are other changes that will certainly make the game more enjoyable and they'll all be part of a larger upcoming update later this month, apparently centered around Blaine County, per Rockstar's blog post.

As of right now, we'll have to wait and see what's in store with this new update. Rockstar Games tends to release a big update for GTA Online in the summer and winter, so it remains to be seen just how big the developer will go for this update. Either way, it's clear Rockstar Games is listening to fans and is focused on refining the experience in a big way. Of course, there's still a lot of stuff that can and should be added, but hopefully that will be sorted out with time.

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