GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition Has Been "Great" According to Rockstar Games Boss

Even though the recently remastered edition of the original GTA Trilogy launched in a rough state at the end of 2021, the boss in charge of the franchise has now stated that the collection has been "great" in terms of its performance. While acknowledging that GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition still had some issues out of the gate, these problems seemingly haven't impacted the title's ability to make even more money for those at Rockstar. 

Speaking to CNBC in a recent interview, Take-Two Interactive's Strauss Zelnick, who heads up the parent company of Rockstar Games, was asked about the performance of GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition. Specifically, it was asked about the "defects" that the game launched with and how this may have impacted its performance overall. In short, Zelnick didn't seem to be concerned about the title, especially given some recent updates that it has received. "And with regards to the GTA trilogy, that was actually not a new title. That was a remaster of preexisting titles. We did have a glitch in the beginning, that glitch was resolved. And the title of has done just great for the company," Zelnick said. "So we're very excited."

Zelnick then proceeded to touch on Take-Two's recent acquisition of Zynga and how it fits into the company's greater strategy. "We have an amazing pipeline going forward," Zelnick said of Take-Two as a whole. "Zynga has an incredible pipeline going forward. And together, we think we can do a whole lot more than what's already been announced."

It remains to be seen what the future holds for the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition. More updates are still likely to come for the remastered collection, but whether or not they'll drastically improve each title's overall quality beyond their current forms remains to be seen. If you're looking to pick up the bundle for yourself, though, it's available now across PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. 

Have you found the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition to be much improved following the addition of post-launch updates? Let me know about your own experience with the game either down in the comments or send me a message on Twitter at @MooreMan12.