H1Z1 Adds Duos As It Surpasses 4.5 Million Players on PS4

(Photo: Daybreak)

H1Z1, the game often accredited with popularizing the battle-royale genre, has seen a bit of a re-emergence since it went free-to-play, and even more so since it launched on PS4 in beta form on May 22nd.

In less than 24 hours, the game surpassed 1.5 million players, and now two days later it has zoomed by 4.5 million players.

News of the impressive player count comes via the game's official Twitter account:

As you can see, to celebrate the milestone, developer Daybreak has dished out the Blue Barbed Hellfire 4-6 to every player. Further, to accompany the news is an announcement of a new patch, which is live, and notably adds duos play to the game.

The update also improves the mini-map and comes with a host of small bug fixes. With the server resets this evening, bullet friendly fire for duos and fives will be disabled, and the Match Start Timer will be extended to ensure players don't skip the fort and drop directly into matches later than other players.

You can read the full patch notes below:

Game Updates

  • Duos is now unlocked and open for play!

  • The mini-map has been optimized to be more performant.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed odd rendering issues in several locations in the world when you are the driver in a car.

  • Medical items no longer play footstep sound effects.

  • Party leader should now always see the fifth member of their team in the lobby UI.

  • Fixed an issue where PSN profile picture is occasionally not loaded for all team members.

  • Throwables now play their proper "wind-up" animations.

  • Marauder and CNQ-09 now have their proper pick-up items.

  • Marauder and KH-43 now show the correct icons in the death screen panel.

  • Crate opening audio now sounds correct based on player distance from the effect.

  • Fixed several issues that could cause the application to crash.

Coming with rolling server restarts this evening

  • Bullet friendly fire has been disabled in Duos and Fives. Please note that explosions and vehicles still damage all players.

  • Extended the Match Start Timer to ensure that players were not skipping the Fort and dropping directly into matches later than other players.

H1Z1 is available for PC and on PS4 in a beta form. It is free-to-play on both platforms. Additionally, the game is coming to the Xbox One, though when, hasn't been divulged.