Halo Infinite Leaks Have Fans Thinking the DMR is Coming Soon

Halo Infinite may be adding the DMR soon. The DMR is one of the most beloved guns across the Halo series, as it was a single-shot rifle introduced in Halo: Reach that did loads of damage. It was a big favorite for pulling off headshots in PvP, but was also incredibly valuable against covenant enemies like grunts. The gun continued to appear in future games like Halo 4 and Halo 5, but was noticeably absent from Halo Infinite. The latest Halo game introduced a number of new weapons, made tweaks to existing ones, but many have been hoping to see the DMR appear in the game at some point. Roughly 7 months after release, it seems like 343 Industries is gearing up to finally add it into the game.

A series of leaks compiled by a Reddit user has led many to believe the DMR is coming to Halo Infinite under a new name. New audio files suggest it will be called the "Bandit Rifle", as these files depict an AI companion announcing to the player that the Bandit Rifle is now available somewhere on the battlefield. It seems like this may actually be a power weapon, because there's typically no announcement for more standard weapons like shotguns. Some players also found references to a "M392Bandit" in scripts for a reported battle royale mode, the DMR's official name is the M392 DMR, so they have similarities. Finally, a glitch allowed players to actually find the model of the DMR within the game's academy mode, so it does seem to exist at least on some level within the game.

As of right now, 343 Industries has not made any announcements regarding if or when the DMR will come to the game, but it seems like a bunch of seeds are being planted for its imminent arrival. Nonetheless, don't get your hopes up because this could be nothing at all or the Bandit Rifle could be a completely different weapon.

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