Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta News Is Coming Soon

The Halo Infinite beta has been talked about many times over by 343 Industries and those within [...]

The Halo Infinite beta has been talked about many times over by 343 Industries and those within the community, but no release dates have been announced yet. That might soon change, however, seeing how there's been a promise of more beta news to be shared whenever the studio's next Inside Infinite post is published. That news will hopefully be accompanied by dates and more information about what all will be included in the first public Halo Infinite tests.

As those who've been following the Halo Infinite news will know, 343 Industries refers to its tests as "flights" similar to how they were named during the Halo: The Master Chief Collection tests. Whether you call them betas, previews, or flights, you'll soon know more about the studio's plans for the first test.

This month's Inside Infinite will be all about flighting, according to Halo community manager John Junyszek. That means it should be a one-stop post for all of your needs when it comes to the first beta. Considering how many reminders Halo fans have gotten recently about joining the Halo Insider program and getting their accounts ready for tests and considering how this next Inside Infinite update is being teased, it's hard to imagine getting that post and not coming away with some dates or at least a timeframe for the beta.

Junyszek also said that, despite what some people might've heard, invites to Halo Infinite technical previews hadn't been sent out as of July 21st. There've been talks online of people getting invites to Halo events which led some to believe they'd been left out of the first technical preview, but it appears that's not the case at this time.

There are, however, plenty of people who won't get to play in the tests when they're released if they don't get their Halo Insider accounts straightened out first. Another member of 343 Industries recently cautioned Halo fans that at least 100,000 people hadn't completed their Halo Insider applications thoroughly and therefore wouldn't be considered for the beta. If you want to get into the tests, you'll want to make sure you fix your profiles up correctly and keep an eye out for the next Inside Infinite update.