Thousands of Halo Infinite Beta Applicants Might Miss Out Due to Incomplete Profiles

If you’re one of the many Xbox users looking forward to Halo Infinite, you’ve probably taken [...]

If you're one of the many Xbox users looking forward to Halo Infinite, you've probably taken measures to become a Halo Insider and ensure you get a shot at the technical previews and betas whenever they're available. However, even if you've started that process and think you might be finished, there's a decent chance that you haven't done everything you need to in order to be considered for the tests. Brian Jarrard, the community director at 343 Industries, cautioned players recently that many people haven't fully completed their profiles and thus will miss out on the previews whenever they go live.

Jarrard commented about the Halo Insider situation on Twitter this week after acknowledging that 343 Industries has indeed been reminding Halo fans quite often to get signed up if they want to try out the game. There have been plenty of reminders about the beta, but no actual betas yet, so it follows then that people would ignore the reminders under the assumption that they're good to go. For a minimum of 100,000 applicants, however, that's not the case.

It seems that lots of people are beginning the process only to not fully complete their Halo Insider profiles. Whether that's because they realized the process was a bit more involved than simply entering an email or they simply changed their minds, an incomplete profile means that you won't be able to play whenever the beta invites first start going out.

As others pointed out in the replies to Jarrard's tweet, the Halo Insider application process does have a few more steps than one might anticipate if you're looking for a quick sign-up. It asks what Halo games you've played in the past, what systems you play on, what your display settings look like, and more inquiries about your Halo experience. If none of that sounds familiar to you, you probably haven't finished up your Halo Insider application and opted into all the tests yet, so you'll want to double-check your application soon to make sure you don't miss out whenever those beta tests do eventually go live.