Halo Infinite Adds Tactical Version of Microsoft's Clippy

Halo Infinite is adding a new version of Microsoft's Clippy to the game, much to the chagrin of players. Clippy is one of the most notorious company mascots out there, but he's been AWOL for quite some time. For those who aren't familiar with the icon, Clippy was an animated paper clip with googly eyes that appeared on computers with Windows and Microsoft Office. He was added as a tool to help people with writing and other tasks, but drew heavy criticism for being absurdly annoying. Microsoft eventually killed the character off due to people complaining about his annoying existence, but some people have missed his little face. As such, 343 Industries has taken matters into its own hands.

Earlier this year, Halo Infinite received a weapon charm of Clippy and now he's getting a bit of an upgrade. A new version of the Clippy weapon charm is available in Halo Infinite and this time he's sporting a marine helmet, ensuring he's ready for battle. Despite his gear, he still has his innocent look, but behind those unassuming eyes are a stone cold killer. To unlock "Tactical Clippy", as he's being called, players must complete their weekly challenge and the ultimate challenge. Sadly, it doesn't seem like Clippy talks or offers any sort of combat help, so it's purely cosmetic and nothing more. Nevertheless, it's a fun little token and something completionists will likely want to have in their armor collection.

As of right now, fans are awaiting the next big content update for Halo Infinite. Testing for the game's co-op campaign is underway, with the full release expected to happen in August. There's nothing to say that it will absolutely happen by then, but that's the plan at the moment. After that, fans are looking to the future for the return of the Forge mode, but no concrete release date or window has been offered for that mode.

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