Hamster Plans To Release A Ton Of Games For Its Arcade Archives Program

Arcade Archives

2017 has been a banner year for seeing classic games come back on new consoles, thanks mainly to Hamster and its Arcade Archives program. Through it, we’ve seen a number of great games, including Vs. Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Switch, Elevator Action for the PlayStation 4, and an abundant count of Neo-Geo titles for various platforms.

But the company isn’t done yet. In fact, it looks to make 2018 an even bigger year, with even more classic titles coming to current consoles. How many, you ask? Oh, about 800.

Well, that’s just a ballpark figure, at least according to Hamster CEO Satoshi Hamada. The company has set a goal of releasing 800 Arcade Archives games, though not necessarily just for this year.

That’s a huge leap, considering that the company currently has about 50 classic titles in circulation, including Neo-Geo games. It didn’t mention exactly what titles it was hoping to go for, but it is in partnership with many companies, including Konami and Taito, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see some older favorites making the rounds.

The company didn’t mention any specific titles, but we’ll more than likely see them coming on a weekly basis, just as we did the Neo-Geo titles. We should see what the company has planned in the weeks ahead.


There are plenty of games we could easily recommend for the program, but, man, it’s a long list. You’ve probably got your favorites as well.

We’ll give you a heads up once the company unleashes its formal plans for 2018. In the meantime, um, The New Zealand Story? Please?