HeroQuest: The Frozen Horror Expansion Announced

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Hasbro has announced a new expansion for its HeroQuest revival. HeroQuest: The Frozen Horror is a new expansion for the HeroQuest game system that pits players against the terrible Frozen Horror. The expansion comes with ten new quests, including several quests meant solely for the Barbarian. The Frozen Horror also introduces mercenaries that can be used by the players if they need assistance in facing off against the Frozen Horror as well as several new monsters, including Ice Gremlins, Polar Warbears, and Yetis. The new expansion also includes a female sculpt of the Barbarian. 

Originally released in 1989, HeroQuest was a game system that allowed players to create their own dungeon-crawling adventures. Players could choose one of four adventurers to play as, each of which had their own abilities and spells, or they could assume the role of the villainous Zargon and control the various monsters. Players could choose between a pre-made quest, or they could design their own adventure for players to try and conquer. 

Hasbro revived HeroQuest last year via a crowdfunding campaign launched on Hasbro Pulse. The new HeroQuest remained remarkably true to the original, with several expansions released inspired by early expansions of the original game. For instance, The Frozen Horror is inspired by the Barbarian Quest Pack, with the Frozen Horror and Barbarian solo quests taken from that original expansion. Some of the mercenaries being added in The Frozen Horror are a new touch, as is the female Barbarian sculpt. 

Players can pre-order HeroQuest: The Frozen Horror here at Entertainment Earth (free US shipping with the code SUNFREE22 at checkout). The expansion is expected to be released in September 2022.