Hideo Kojima Required His 'Death Stranding' Squad To Watch 'Twin Peaks'

Hideo Kojima is pretty much an evil genius, minus the evil part. Known for his eccentric means of [...]

Hideo Kojima is pretty much an evil genius, minus the evil part. Known for his eccentric means of pursuing his creative endeavors, Kojima-san has made a name for himself not just as a game dev, but as a highly intelligent - if not odd, at times - name in the gaming industry. It's also no secret that Death Stranding is still a huge mystery to everyone and it's a game that Kojima-san promises to be an adventure like we can't even imagine. Even those involved have mentioned how floored and still confused they are. Apparently the key to discovery lies within popular television series Twin Peaks. Who knew?

The Death Stranding creator took to Twitter to share his latest team building excerise involving the mysterious show. Mystery begets mystery, so it would make sense. Keep in mind too that Kojima-san is known for being very precise in everything he does. Every action, choice, and direction has a much bigger meaning so if you listen closely, you can almost hear all of the hopeful fans digging apart what they know about Twin Peaks and putting it towards the new game.

It's hard not to respect Kojima-san's progress and we can't wait to see even more of his incredible first title for his new studio. We know we're not the only ones excited either because both industry professionals and gamers alike can't stop raving about ever snippet we've seen so far.

In other hype news, even the Metal Gear Solid film Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts couldn't help but to chime in his praises for the mysterious title. Roberts and Kojima both met when the director approached him for direction on the upcoming Metal Gear movie. Though Kojima-san is no longer attached to the franchise, the pair still kept in touch because ... let's be honest, it's Kojima. When discussing what he himself has seen so far about the upcoming title shrouded in mystery, he stated, "Today I watched Kojima-San direct a cutscene. I've watched hours of his cinematics and witnessing one in real life was beyond special. Death Stranding is unlike anything you've seen. Get excited."

Don't worry, we're very excited! Stay tuned, because there is still so much more we have left to learn!