Hideo Kojima Wants to Create Games That Change Based on the Player

Hideo Kojima is always looking for new ways to innovate, and it seems that the Death Stranding creator has a new concept that he wants to bring to the world of gaming. In an interview with the Japanese magazine Anan (translated by Siliconera), Kojima discussed his work on Konami's Game Boy Advance game Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand. Boktai's unique cartridge absorbed light from the sun, which allowed the hero Django to charge solar weapons to use against vampires. Apparently, this has inspired Kojima to look for more ways to create games that can change and evolve based on the player's location, actions, or experiences.

"I want to create a game that changes in real-time. Even though there are people of different ages and trades playing the same game, they are playing it in the same way. Instead, I want the game to change based on where that person lives, and that person's unique perspective … Because you would defeat vampires using the light from the sun, [Boktai] would change based on where and when you played the game. That kind of feature connects man-made systems to real-life," said Kojima.

The idea of creating experiences that are unique to the user holds a lot of appeal. To a lesser extent, it's the reason that so many gamers embrace things like character customization. It's unclear exactly how Kojima might explore this concept, or if he'll find success with it, but the idea is certainly a compelling one.

Interestingly enough, Kojima wanted to take the concept of Boktai even farther when the game was still in development. The finished game allows players to use the light of the sun to power up their weapons, but at one point, he also wanted to add a sensor that smelled the player's breath. Since garlic is deadly to vampires, the idea was that if the player ate something with garlic in it, that could also have an impact on enemies. The idea was shot down by the rest of the game's team, but it just goes to show that Kojima is always looking to bring new ideas to the industry, even if they don't always work out. Hopefully, his newest concept gets off the ground!


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