Hilarious Knockoff 'Fortnite' Figures Making the Rounds

Whether you play the game or not, it's hard to ignore the fact that Epic Games' Fortnite continues [...]

Whether you play the game or not, it's hard to ignore the fact that Epic Games' Fortnite continues to smash records left and right with an almost cult-like following for its Battle Royale shenanigans. Earlier this year an official figure line was announced for the online game, so naturally it didn't take long before the knock-offs showed up. Derp faces and all.

Fortnite action figures I saw in Bulgaria. from r/FORTnITE

The comment section was almost as good as the figures themselves. One Redditor hilariously stated, "Penny's forearms are bigger than her thigh. Popeye lookin' ass." There are even the Halloween skins available as figures, which you can find here. I mean ... they look awful, but for 10 bucks? It's hard to complain, you know?

To give credit where credit is due, some of them don't look completely terrible. A little cock-eyed, but you know - whatever. Luckily, McFarlane Toys is on the case and is delivering an actual quality Fortnite figure line that will be coming soon.

"The Fortnite brand has taken on global status and continues to grow each day. The game, with its sense of skill and irreverent fun, now has hundreds of character options to choose from, which is a tremendous blueprint for making any successful toy and action figure line," said Todd McFarlane, CEO and Founder of McFarlane Toys.

"The developer's art team at Epic Games wants to bring that same attitude into the creation of their toys, and everyone here at McFarlane Toys will be doing all we can to bring Fortnite fans the very best products. With such a deep and visually interesting library to choose from, I have no doubt that we will be able to showcase both current and classic looks from the Fortnite franchise. After talking with some of the top creators at Epic Games, I'm delighted they are as stoked about our partnership to make cool toys as we are!"

So if you're a collector like me, you don't have to settle for the Derp and Beyond line, you can wait for the quality goods coming our way shortly!